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How to Prepare Your Trees for the Winter

Your trees are affected by the cold weather as well. That’s why it has to be pruned well before the winter season comes around. Pruning has to be done once the leaves start to fall. It will show you how the tree should be pruned and how much of it has to be corrected. Prepare your trees to withstand extreme temperature.

Trees that aren’t structurally sound would possibly take its toll during winter. So before winter comes around, be sure that your trees are not rotting or broken. If they aren’t, the additional weight of ice and snowfall will put you and your entire family at risk. Always remember to prune, brace, and cable your trees before the cold winter season comes around.

Tree Pruning

Pruning trees is a basic tree care process. If you call the experts to handle the job, the first thing that they’ll do is look for lose, diseased, and cracked limbs. If you find these faults, cut them close. Tree experts also prune branches that resemble the V crotches. These limbs are regarded as the weak spots of trees. Crotches that are wide-angled are more preferable.

To prune such branches, cut outside tree’s collar. Be careful not to hurt the trunk. You can distinguish the collar of the tree by the wrinkles and ridges near the bark or branch union. While pruning trees seems easy, it’s a work that’s best done by a professional.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are necessary for trees that are not as structurally sound as it used to. If you have an older tree, don’t hesitate to ask how you can possibly brace and cable it to give it added support. Again, you have to consult the experts about it. They know best what to do.

If you feel that the look of your landscape is going to be affected by the hooks and cables on the tree, ask the tree care provider for other options. The use of screw-eye hook types is a viable option. These types of hooks buried into the tree bark.

Winter Tree Care

The change of season can be so fast that you may not have time to act if you keep on delaying all these maintenance steps. Remember that the winter can be so harsh that you have to start preparing for it late into fall. That’s the best way for you to ensure the best possible results.

Never take chances with your trees because if they buckle when the winter storm comes, your property could get damaged. Worse, it will hurt your family, your neighbors, or even the passers-by. All damages caused by your tree during the winter storm are going to be your responsibility. You will be liable for all the damages.

That’s the reason why you have to make sure that your tree is structurally sound. It’s all about protecting your interests and the look for your home. Hire Springfield tree care experts to make sure that you’re getting quality services at the most reasonable price.

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